Install Headers

Insert a 12-pin and 16-pin strip of male headers onto the bottom of the Feather. These will need to be soldered to the pins on the Feather.

Breadboard Help

A breadboard can be used to help keep the header pins nice and straight while soldering. The header pins are press into the breadboard.

Solder Pins

Apply solder to all 28 pins on the Feather. A silicone mat is also helpful and provides you with a nice grippy surface. A USB solder fume extractor is used to keep smelly smoke away from your face and lungs.

Install Female Headers

Insert a 12-pin and 16-pin female headers into the male header pins respectively. The female headers will need to be soldered to the Perma-Proto PCB.

Install Headers to Perma-Proto

Place the headers onto the perma-proto PCB with the USB port close to the edge. Mounting tack can be used to temporarily secure the headers in place while soldering. Place a couple of pieces along side the headers and perma-proto PCB.

Solder Headers

Apply solder to the pins on the bottom of the PCB. A panavise can help keep the PCB in place while solder. All of the holes are thru-plated and feature a nice gold finish so you won't get any oxidation.

Remove Feather

Once all of the pins are soldered up we can remove the mounting tack. Be sure to inspect your solder joints and check to see all of the pins have enough solder.

Install Perma-Proto PCB

Place the PCB over the built-in standoffs. Insert the PCB at an angle to fit under one of the mounting tabs. Press down to snap fit into place. Fit wiring in between the snaps.

Install Case Frame

Place the case over the bottom cover and snap fit the edges together. The side with the notches are used to pass wires through.

Install Top Cover

Place the top cover over the case and line up the snaps. Firmly press down to snap fit cover. And there you have it! Your Perma-Proto Feather case is ready for action.

This guide was first published on Jul 22, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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