• This last chunk of code will tell the speaker to sound the selected pitch when it hears a loud sound aka your breath!
  • We'll say that if the magnitude of the sound is greater than 5000 (value defined earlier) then sound the current pitch.
  • Next we create the pitch we want in the form of a sine wave that is created at the desired frequency.
  • Then we’ll tell the speaker to play the pitch for 1 second.
  • Lastly we tell the board to show the current value of the NeoPixels.
#If statement to trigger pitch when user blows into mic
   #We will say that on a any loud sound the pitch is triggered
   if magnitude > blowThresshold: #any time we get a sound with a magnitude greater than the value of blowThresshold, trigger the current pitch (can be changed at top where it is defined)
       SAMPLERATE = 8000
       length = SAMPLERATE // FREQUENCY #create length of sample
       sine_wave = array.array("H", [0] * length) #create an array for a sine wave
       for i in range(length):
           sine_wave[i] = int(math.sin(math.pi * 2 * i / 18) * (2 ** 15) + 2 ** 15) #fill the array with values
       sample = audioio.AudioOut(board.SPEAKER, sine_wave)
       sample.frequency = SAMPLERATE
       sample.play(loop=True)  # Play the sample
       time.sleep(pitchLength)  # Play for length of pitchLength
       sample.stop()  # we tell the board to stop
   pixels.show() #show the desired neopixel light up on board 
#End program!!!

All done with programming! Well almost...

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