• First we initialize the mic and give it a variable so we can access it later. This is done through something called PDMIn. PDM is the type of microphone we're using.
  • In order to record samples of audio later we need to prepare a buffer of sorts to record that audio into. We will make a blank array called samples that will later be filled with values from our microphones input.
mic = audiobusio.PDMIn(board.MICROPHONE_CLOCK, board.MICROPHONE_DATA, frequency=16000, bit_depth=16)
samples = array.array('H', [0] * NUM_SAMPLES)
The microphone on the Circuit Playground Express
  • Next we need to create a way to calculate the loudness of the sounds coming into the microphone. How do we do this?

Let's look at potential sound that might come into the microphone:

Sound signal of a human voice. Source: Signal Processing Stack Exchange

If we zoom in really close it might look like this:

Source: The SAMI Group

If we simplify the signal a bit and make it a sine wave, we can see the amplitude of the signal over time.


Sine wave. Source: SFU Acoustics Department
  • To find the "loudness" of a sound we need to find the amplitude of the signal
  • We can calculate the amplitude of one peak pretty easily, but how do we find the average of the amplitude of all the peaks in a signal?
  • Well there are a couple ways:

Peak to peak will give you the average maximum of the peak values but unfortunately is not as accurate because of irregularities in the samples.

Root means square is a better method of calculating the average amplitude of a sound because it throws out the irregularities in the samples.

RMS vs. peak to peak. Source: dosits.org
  • Here is a great resource that explains how root means square works and how it is calculated.
# Remove DC bias before computing RMS.
def normalized_rms(values):
   minbuf = int(mean(values))
   return math.sqrt(sum(float((sample - minbuf) * (sample - minbuf)) for sample in values) / len(values))
def mean(values):
   return (sum(values) / len(values))

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