Print and Cut Outlines


To start off we'll go ahead and download, print and then trace the paper outlines onto foam board. We used banner paper to print the length of the blade, but you could tape two pieces of paper to print the full size. 


The files include outlines to use on vinyl cutters to get precise edges and make printing easier. 


Cut out two copies. We'll use the outline to form the sides of the blade and then use the center pieces as the backing and lid.

Stack Layers


Now we can stack the layers on top of each other to form the blade body to mount the NeoPixel Strip. 


Glue Layers


We applied hot glue to the inner edges of the backing and the two frame pieces. Glue the backing to the first outline piece. 


Do NOT glue the other center piece, will use this as our removable lid.


We'll want to make sure the backing isn't inserted in the outline, stack it on top then glue the inner edges.

CPX and Battery Assemble 


The Circuit Playground Express and battery pack are attach with a strip of double stick foam tape. Apply the foam tape to the center backing of the Circuit Playground. Position the battery pack with its wire to the opposite side of board as shown.


Alligator Cip Extensions 


We'll need to add short extensions for the NeoPixel strip. This will allow it to reach from the CPX, through the handle end and into the spear.


Mark Strip


Next we'll place the NeoPixel strip on the end of the blade and add a cut out to allow the strip to sit inside the blade cavity.

Handle Build


The handle can be made with a paper towel rolls or make your own with cereal boxes or chipboard. We can make a beefy handle with  .7mm thick chipboard. We simple rolled the chipboard over the battery pack to get our fit and then hot glued the chipboard into it's shape. 




The pommel will need to be constructed with chipboard. Roll the chipboard around the Circuit Playground Express to get a tight fitting and then glue the chipboard to keep its shape.


Allow the handle and pommel to fully dry before inserting the CPX and battery pack.


Mount CPX + Battery pack


The Circuit Playground Express press fits in to the pommel. Now we can pass the NeoPixel Strip through the handle.


Now we can join the pommel and handle together. The battery pack will press fit into the handle. 


Pommel Stopper 


We added small drops of hot glue to the end on the pommel. This will prevent the Circuit Playground Express from pushing through the pommel and will allow the Gem at the end to mount in place.

Assemble Blade Shims


Next up is adding padding to the side of the handle to press fit the blade into place. We'll use small pieces of scrap foam.


Cut (3) 33mmx45 and (3) 22x47mm long. Place the blade inside of the handle and arrange the shims close to the edge of the handle.


Once all of the shims are in place we'll carefully apply glue to just the top parts of the shims.


Be careful NOT to glue the blade parts to the shim! 



Glue Blade Decals 


After the glue dries on the shims, we can remove the blades and glue  our deals. 

Pommel Details


Print and cut the pattern for the pommel details. We used colored card stock and tape to hold the rolled shapes.


Place each cut out around the pommel to get its shape and then use tape to secure the roll.


We can add hot glue inside the pommel, were each part meets, to secure the rolls in place.   

Pommel Gem Assemble


Last up is the Gem on the end of the pommel. Print, cut and assemble the gem out of scrapes of foam. Once assembled, pass it through the pommel to the end as shown.


With our gem attach and details glued on we can finish up by press fitting the assembled pommel into the handle!


Add all the additional details you want and share your creations with the universe!

We hope you have fun building, crafting, and making your own props. You can make cool stuff to sharpen your skills, just don’t give up!

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