CAD Parts List

STL files for 3D printing are oriented to print "as-is" on FDM style machines. Parts are designed to 3D print without any support material. Original design source may be downloaded using the links below:

  • motor-gear
  • gear-ring
  • top-cover
  • bottom-plate
  • frame-cover
  • encoder-ring
  • inner-ring
  • led-mount
  • sensor-mount
  • crickit-mount

CAD Assembly

The acrylic panels features tabs that are fitted into the slots on the top cover. The encoder ring is secured to the top cover with screws. The gear ring is snap fitted into the center of the top cover. The motor gear is press fitted onto the shaft of the motor. The motor is secured to the bottom plate with screws. The NeoPixel LED is press fitted into a holder. The t-slot photo interrupter is mounted to the sensor holder. The LED and sensor holders are secured to the bottom plate with screws. An inner ring is secured to the bottom plate. The top cover assembly rests on the top grove of the inner ring. The enclosure frame is press fitted into the outer edges of the bottom plate.

Build Volume

The parts require a 3D printer with a minimum build volume.

  • 180mm (X) x 180mm (Y) x 100mm (Z)

Parrot Panels

The party parrot GIF animation was recreated for this project as vector artwork and can be produced using a laser cutter or CNC milling machine.

Each frame of the party parrot animation was engraved on one piece of acrylic.

Each panel features a tab with a number label depicting the frame of the animation.

The vector artwork have been specifically created as filled in outlines which are ideal for laser and CNC engraving.

Acrylic Panel Dimensions

Use 1/8in thick transparent acrylic for each panel.

  • 80mm (3.15in) x 70mm (2.76in)

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