Different animations like the one of a flying pigeon below can be fun to play with. 

If you find yourself becoming bored by the three animation strips provided in this guide, it might be time to make some of your own!

To do this, cut out two strips of paper, approximately the same length and width as the ones used in the other animations. Tape these two strips together so you have one long strip.

For the best results, give yourself enough space to draw between 10-12 different images, with about equal distance between them.

It can be helpful in this case to make small markings at equal distances along the strip to help space out your drawings evenly. 

This is an example of a simple running animation (ref: Netta Canfi's excellent resource for aspiring animators). 

Exploring further

If you enjoy CircuitPython and want to continue learning you can find lots more CircuitPython projects on the Adafruit Learn System.

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