The servo wheel centers itself conveniently on top of the CD/DVD motor. Place it on the motor to feel where it engages.

Now all we need to do is attach them together. You can use wire, twist ties, or even hot glue to make the connection. 

Motor Upgrade

These wheels come with a grippy rubber ring, which will grab and launch paper airplanes with vigor. 


In addition, by effectively extending the diameter of the motor hub, we increase the speed achieved at its outer edge, so the planes will launch at an even higher velocity. 


Use wire or twist-ties to attach servo hubs to CD/DVD motors.


It's ok if they aren't perfectly evenly spaced, as long as the wheel remains fairly well-balanced.


Clip off any excess wire.

Connect Motors to CRICKIT

Now time to connect both motors to CRICKIT!


Use a small screwdriver to connect the jumpers.


Now connect the alligator clips to the ends of the motor wires. (Check to make sure there is enough wire stripped at the end to make a good connection.)

Now that we've made the necessary connections, it's time to mount everything to the cardboard launcher!

Attach Battery to Launcher

Stick battery pack to launcher with double sided foam tape.


Attach CRICKIT to Launcher

If you'd like to use something slightly less permanent than hot glue or double sided tape, some short screws will do the trick


Mark position of 4 holes around outside edge.


Poke holes using pen or screwdriver.


Use screws or twist ties to hold CRICKIT in place.

Glue on Motors

Mark placement of motors with pen or pencil.


Check carefully to make sure a small (~1/16") gap remains between the two wheels.


Glue motors to end of launcher.

Let's upload some code!

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