/**************************************************************************/ /*! * @brief HTTP 404 generator. The HTTP Server will automatically redirect * to "/404.html" when it can't find the requested url in the * list of registered pages * * The url and query string are already separated when this function * is called. * * @param url url of this page * @param query query string after '?' e.g "var=value" * @param http_request Details about this HTTP request */ /**************************************************************************/ void file_not_found_generator (const char* url, const char* query, httppage_request_t* http_request) { (void) url; (void) query; (void) http_request; httpserver.print(""); httpserver.print("

Error 404 File Not Found!

"); httpserver.print("
"); httpserver.print("Available pages are:"); httpserver.print("
"); // Show a link list of all available pages: httpserver.print(""); httpserver.print(""); }