Hardware for Owl

Use the following hardware for attaching the Owl to the top cover of the enclosure.

  • 4x M3 x 6mm
  • 4x M3 nuts

Top Cover

Orient the top cover of the enclosure so it matches the photo. The side with the longer edge is oriented with the front of the owl.

Secure Owl to Cover

Use the M3 hex nuts to secure the Owl to the top cover.

Use the large opening on the back of the owl to get a better hold of the hex nuts. 

Holder the hex nut in place while fastening the screws through the bottom of the cover.

Secured Owl

Take a moment to check the orientation of the top cover is correct.

Install IR LEDs

Insert an IR LED into one of the Owls' eye to test fit.

If it's too tight, use a filing tool to loosen up the opening.

Press the two IR LEDs through the eyes inside of the Owl.


Take a moment to check the IR LEDs have been properly installed into the Owl's eyes an ensure they're fully seated.

Install LED Button

Insert the two JST cables from the LED button through the top opening of the Owl's head.

Insert the hex nut that was included with the LED button through the back opening of the Owl with the cables threading through.

Secure LED Button

Push the LED button all the through the hole until it's been fully seated.

Twist to fasten the hex nut onto the threads of the LED button.

Fasten the hex nut until it's fully secured to the LED button.

Route Cables 

Grab hold of the three JST cables and pull them through the large opening on the top cover.

Bottom Rubber Feet

Take a moment to install the 4x rubber feet to the corners of the bottom cover.

Remove feet from pack by peeling off from the backing.

Feet feature adhesive backing so they can just be stuck onto each corner.

Install Perma Proto

Grab the Perma Proto PCB and place it over the bottom cover with the two mounting holes lined up.

Orient the PCB so the USB-C port from the QT Py lines up with the notch.

Insert and fasten 2x M3 x 4mm long screws through the two mounting holes on the Perma Proto PCB.


Install IR Receiver 

Press fit the IR receiver through the opening in the framing of the case.

Install Bottom Cover

Orient the bottom cover with the framing and press fit them together.

Connect JST Cables

Start connecting the cables from the Owl to the cables from the Perma Proto PCB.

Connect the cable from pin A0 to the IR LEDs.

Connect the cable from pin A1 to the Button's LED.

Connect the cables from pin A2 to the Button's switch.

Close Case

Begin closing the enclosure by bringing the top cover to the framing.

The top cover snap fits over the framing.

USB Opening

The back of the enclosure features an opening for a USB-C cable to provide power and reprogramming.

Additional Plug

You have the option to close the large opening on the back of Owl with the plug.

Use adhesives to secure the two halves together to form the plug.

The plug is press fitted onto the large opening on the back of the Owl. It will only fit correctly one way.

Connect USB-C

Insert and plug a USB-C cable through the opening on the back of the enclosure.

Test Circuit

Take a moment to test out the circuit by pressing the LED arcade button.

The IR LED's inside the Owl should be aimed towards the desired TV.


Final Build

Congratulations on building your IR TV Remove Owl!

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