Transparency Film

There are other materials that can be used to create the clear plastic shield. Sheets of transparency film were used for testing purposes only.

Note: A minimum of 0.4mm for material thickness has been medically approved, only use thinner sheets for test fitting purposes.

Joining Sheets

These come in common paper sizes. These were 8.5in x 11in. The shield template requires a minimum size of 9.5 x 9.5in. Two sheets can be joined using packaging tape.

Taped Sheets

Apply a single strip of tape across two sheets. Add a second strip on top.

Sticky Mat

Position the transparency sheet onto the vinyl cutter sticky mat with the corner lined up and square.

Cutting Sheet

Use a material profile setting with a deep cut such as card stock, poster board or similar. 

Knockout Holes

If the knife blade didn't cut through the two layers of tape, use a hobby knife to cut out the outline and holes.

Test Holes

Trim away any access tape. The sheet is ready for installation!

Installed Sheet

The holes have a nice and tight fit over both RC1 and RC2. 

Bottom Holder

The three holes at the bottom also feature a nice and tight fit.

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