2D Files

The vector file for this face shield can be downloaded for free from Prusa.

Files can also be downloaded by clicking the green button below and have been converted into a variety of different file formats (.dxf/.ai/.svg/.png) for ease of use.

Laser Cutting 

Clear PETG is recommended for laser cutting these face shields due to its durability, flexibility, and transparancy. It comes masked with removable film and can be ordered pre-cut to whatever dimensions best suit your laser cutter.

Hand Cutting

If a laser cutter is beyond your reach, it is also possible to hand-cut face shields from clear plastic. A 0.5 mm thick plastic is preferable, but you can use any clear plastic with similar thickness.

A couple of empty 2 liter bottles can be used in a pinch.

Face Shield Dimensions

The distance between the centers of each hole is shown in millimeters below. Holes can be cut as slight ovals to allow them to fit onto the holder more easily.

Tracing Guide

If you are hand-cutting your own clear shield, it can be very helpful to have a guide to make sure your holes are spaced appropriately. 

Reference Design

Open the image file and make sure it is displayed on screen at actual size.

Turn up the screen brightness and grab a piece of paper.

Place a piece of normal printer paper over the screen and trace the position of the holes on the paper.

This paper can be used as a guide for where to puncture the plastic shield, ensuring the holes are in the correct spot.

Punch Holes

A standard office hole punch works well to create the necessary holes in the shield.

Holes can also be created by piercing the plastic with a sharp point and widening with a hobby knife. 

Lengthening the Shield

A single two liter bottle isn't quite long enough to create a full face shield, so taping two together and trimming as necessary is recommended if you're creating your own by hand.

To provide full face coverage, ideally the mask should extend 240mm (9.4 inches) from top to bottom. Depending on the dimensions of the plastic you're using, you may need to lengthen the mask so that it provides full coverage.

It's important that these masks extend below the chin to provide adequate protection. 

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