For full assembly instructions please refer to this short video by Prusa or allow permissions to view the video in-guide below.

The holes in the clear plastic piece should match up with the knobs on the headband. Start by connecting the face shield at one end and curving it around to hook onto each knob.

Press the bottom reinforcement piece onto the plastic shield by bracing the assembly against your body or something solid.

Elastic Options

An elastic band is required to hold the face shield firmly to the head. Hair elastics or rubber bands can be adapted for use with this design.

Tie loops in both ends of the elastic material and use the hooks on the shield to connect it.

Your face shield is ready to be tested!


Keep in mind: this design is meant only for personal use. Regardless of how you use it, sterilization remains important.

Keep your tools and work area clean, and use alcohol or soapy water to clean your parts before putting them to use.

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