Two-Part Design

There are two 3D printed parts to this face shield design, an upper piece which holds the shield a comfortable distance away from the face, and a bottom reinforcement piece which maintains the shield's curve along its length. 

The source 3D files for this design were designed by Prusa for anyone to use and can be downloaded for free here.

This custom design was created using Fusion 360 and features user parameters for easily adjusting thickness, height, etc.

Suggested Print Settings

  • 0.4mm Nozzle
  • 0.2mm Layer Height
  • 3 perimeters 
  • 30% Infill
  • 80mm/s printing speed

This upper piece takes about 1.5hrs to print using the recommended print settings.

The bottom reinforcement takes about 20 minutes to print using the recommended print settings.

This guide was first published on Mar 23, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 23, 2020.

This page (3D Printing) was last updated on May 15, 2022.

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