Plugin Manager

With OctoPrint version 1.20, it introduces a plugin system which allows extending it’s core functionality.

Plugins may be installed through the new and bundled Plugin Manager Plugin available in OctoPrint's settings. This Plugin Manager also allows browsing and easy installation of plugins registered on the official OctoPrint Plugin Repository.

TouchUI Plugin by BillyBlaze

This plugin will turns the OctoPrint layout into a Mobile/TFT friendly layout. With larger buttons and a responsive layout down to the smallest resolution possible. It will mimick pointer events as touch, so you can hook up those touchscreens. It also supports a virtual keyboard.

Read more details and see screenshots by clicking the button below.

Easy Install

To install the plugin, start by clicking on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner, then select the "Plugin Manager" menu item in the left hand sidebar.

Get More Plugins

Click on the large button near the bottom of the pop-up window labled "Get More...", then click into the Search input field and type in "TouchUI". You should see the plugin appear below the text field.

Click on the big blue "Install" button to begin the installation process. It'll take a few minutes and will require you to restart OctoPrint.

Take note that all plugin management functionality is disabled while your printer is printing.

Usage and Settings

You can find the TouchUI settings in a dedicated modal. The mobile interface will automatically start while loading OctoPrint. This will only start if the browser is smaller then 980 pixels in width or if you’re browsing with a touch device. You can turn this off in the Settings modal under TouchUI.

We've tested the Raspberry Pi Epiphany and Chromium browsers with good results.

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