Model: LulzBot TAZ 4 - Open source 3D Printer

ManufacturerAleph Objects

Official Website

Support Website

Electronics: RAMBo

Firmware: Marlin-based (located here)

Baudrate: 115200

Port: /dev/ttyACM0

  • There are a number of TAZ users running their unit via Octoprint now that TAZ is one of the officially supported options listed in OctoPrint.
  • The RAMBo electronics and Marlin-based firmware are both elements well implemented by OctoPrint.  
  • If you are having difficulty with losing connections in long prints, you may need to adjust the Timeout settings. Read more about OctoPrint's Configuration settings here

This guide was first published on Nov 06, 2014. It was last updated on Nov 18, 2015.

This page (Configuring OctoPrint for Lulzbot TAZ) was last updated on Aug 14, 2014.

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