M3D Software

In this guide, you'll learn how to use OctoPrint with the Micro M3D. The Micro 3D ships with M3D slicing software, which requires a tethered USB connection. OctoPrint allows the Micro to run off a Raspberry Pi, essentially putting it on the WiFi networking, allowing remote hosting. With the M3D Fio plugin for OctoPrint, you can calibrate settings, level the bed and manage print jobs.

M3D Fio

The M3D-Fio plugin for OctoPrint is developed by GitHub user donovan600. The plugin is a great alternative to the M3D official software if you’re looking to manage the Micro remotely. It’s easy to install and works with OctoPrint’s autodesk serial port and buadrate feature. M3D Fio allows you slice STLs, calibrate, load/unload filament, update firmware, manage EEPROM and more.r. 


If you're an own of the Micro M3D printer, you can get the parts below to get OctoPrint up and running.

We also carry an OctoPrint pack that has everything you need. It also ships with a preflashed SD card with the OctoPrint image for Raspberry Pi.

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