Cut Templates

We'll start off by printing out all of our paper templates and then carefully cut out each shape using a hobby knife. Next, trace the outlines on foam board and cut each copy. We used strips of blue tape to hold the template in place.

We'll need:

(2) Blade faces

(3) Blade frames

(1) Gem connector  

(2) Cross-guard (hands)

(2) paper diffuser

(1) Cardboard Tube (31.65mm diameter)

Download the artwork below

Stack Layers

Now we can stack the layers on top of each other to form the blade body and mount the NeoPixel Strip between the layers. 

Glue Layers

We applied hot glue to the inner edges of the backing and the two frame pieces. Glue the backing to the first outline piece. 

Do NOT glue the top center piece. We will use this as our removable cover.

We'll want to make sure the backing isn't inserted in the outline, stack it on top then glue the inner edges.

Mount NeoPixel Strip

Our LED strip rests inside the blade body by press fitting it into the groove near the tang of the blade.

Slide the wires through and then pull the LED strip so it fits the full length of the blade

Alligator Clip Extensions 

We'll need to add short extensions for the NeoPixel strip.

This will allow it to reach from the CPX through the handle.

Attach Handle 


Bring the paper towel tube near the tang and pass the alligator extension wires through. Pass the wires through to the other end.

Now we can attach the handle by carefully sliding the tang into the paper towel tube.

Attach Guard

Next we'll assemble the sword hilt components. Align the guard to the end of the handle and pass the NeoPixel strip wires through the bigger slit cutout on the guard.

Battery Pack

The battery pack is inserted into the handle with its wire side facing out of the tube. Pass the battery packs wires through the same slit as the LED strip.

Pommel Gem

The guard is attached to the handle with the help of the longer Gem cutout. Press fit the Gems steam through the center slit on the guard. 

Connect Circuit Playground Express 

The Circuit Playground Express lays on top of the Gem cutout. Use the alligator clips to connect the LED strip and battery wires.

Handle Grip pattern 


Now we can wrap the texture pattern to the handle. We used an inkjet printer to print out the pattern. 

We used a medium stock 12x12 sized paper to fit the length of the handle.

Roll the paper around the paper towel tube and adhere with glue stick.


Next we'll build our cross guard. Printed the cross guard pattern on paper and trace the outline onto a piece of foam core. Cut out two cross-guards using a hobby knife.

Use a glue stick to adhere the texture graphic to the foam core cut outs. 


Now we can adhere the center gem on top of the cross guard.

Attach Cross Guard

Almost fully fused! 

Now we can hot glue our assembled  cross guard to the hand. 

Careful not to glue the cross-guard to the blades.

Allow the glue to dry and then apply more glue to the back sides of the cross guard. 

Fusion Complete!

Once the second application of glue dries, we are ready to battle! Use the on/off slide switch on the battery to power the Circuit Playground Express. If you're using the 2200mAh lipo battery, you can simple unplug the cable from the board.

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