• Use wire strippers to remove 1-2 cm of wire wrap from ends of each wire.*
  • If using stranded core, twist wires together.


*I used jumper wires because solid core wires we're unavailable but the process is the same! 

  • Pull black wire through GND and twist around to create a tight connection. 
  • Repeat with red wire to VOUT and yellow to A1.
  • Connect other ends of wire to servo cable. Yellow/A1 to orange, red/VOUT to red, black/GND to brown.
  • Put piece of duct tape in center of front side of circle base.
  • Place CPX in center of tape.
  • In order to counter balance the weight from the servo and spool which are on the right side of the back of the circle base, we need to place the battery on the other side.
  • Put a piece of tape on the left side of the back of the circle piece and place the battery down with the wires facing the bottom.
  • Gather / organize wires together and tape down.
  • Insert JST connector from battery into CPX.
  • Loosely tie a knot in the string.
  • Place skewer though hole of knot and pull tight.

Test it out!

Try shaking the CPX and see what happens. If the CPX doesn't fall/rise enough or falls/rises too far, go back to MakeCode and edit the on shake code block. Remember, the piece of code that says "Servo write pin A1 to (value between 0 and 180)" can be edited to change the speed of the servo.

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