• Measure and draw a rectangle on some cardboard sized 1 cm x 8 cm. Draw a line at every 2 cm point along the rectangle.
  • Measure and draw a circle with a 4 cm diameter using the same string and thumb tack technique from earlier. 
  • Cut out the parts.
  • On the rectangular piece, score along 2 cm lines.
  • Bend and fold into square and glue onto one circle piece.
  • Glue the other circle on top.
  • Cut a string roughly 45 cm long and glue one end to spool.
  • Wrap the string around the spool.
  • Glue servo wing on the side of the spool making sure the spool is oriented such that the string is coming up and out to the right.
  • Draw perpendicular lines through each side of the 8 cm circle.
  • Attach servo onto wing and spool.
  • Orient the spool and servo contraption on the 8 cm circle base such that the spool is centered. Double check that the string is facing towards the circle base top where it will be pulled through shortly.
  • Glue down spool and servo contraption on circle base.
  • On the front of the circle base, use a hobby knife to cut a hole in the top center.
  • Pull spool string through hole.


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