• Remove CPX from front of circle base.
  • Use a popsicle stick to spread glitter glue on the front of the circle base.
  • Remove some glue from the center where CPX will get taped back later.
  • Spread another color of glitter glue on the paper towel core. Two layers may be preferable.
  • Add whatever decorations you want! I followed the roll's line with a different color glitter glue. 
  • Draw the block letter numbers of what ever year you are celebrating.
  • Cut 'em out.
  • Attach to glitter glue on front circle base.
  • Feel free to add glitter glue to the numbers if you'd like!
At this point you may want to let glitter glue dry over night!
  • Using some shiny door hanger material, glue to back of circle base so the pieces are hanging off.
  • Place the CPX back in the center and plug in the battery.
  • Holding the contraption up, cut off extraneous hanging pieces.

Tie to the skewer and let it drop!


Happy New Year!

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