Using hobby knives or other sharp cutting instruments should be supervised for younger Makers.
  • Use a hobby knife or box cutter to cut out a sheet of cardboard sized 22 cm X 14 cm.
  • Glue a paper towel roll center to one end of cardboard sheet.
  • Cut (or break with hands) a bamboo skewer to be roughly 17 cm long. Keep the pointy side as part of the piece.
  • Glue on top of the roll center with the pointy side facing towards the length of the sheet. Leave a couple of centimeters of skewer to hang off the back.
  • Use a string, a thumb tack and a pencil to draw a circle on some cardboard with a diameter of 8 cm. Tie the string to the thumb tack then measure a distance of 4 cm from the tack to a pencil and tie around pencil tip. Use the tack to guide the pencil around a circle. You may need to lay some extra cardboard underneath so that the tack can firmly rest in the cardboard without moving too much.
  • Next, measure and draw two small rectangles sizes 2 cm X 3 cm.
  • Use a hobby knife to cut out these pieces.
  • Orient the servo so that the brown wire is facing upward. Glue the small rectangular pieces on the sides of the servo with the 3 cm lengths sticking out.

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