This circuit takes advantage of the PWM FeatherWing to not only move the servos, but to also dim the laser. In order to connect the laser to the PWM FeatherWing easily, you will need to solder a 3-pin servo connector to the laser module.

The easiest way to do that is to get a Servo Extension cable, cut the cable in half, solder the end that plugs into the PWM FeatherWing onto the laser, and insulate the solder joints with some heat shrink tubing or tape.

After that, everything can be connected by plugging it in or using screw terminals.

For the PWM FeatherWing, use the following connections:

  • Plug the servo that controls the horizontal motion PWM channel 0
  • Plug the servo that controls the vertical motion PWM channel 1
  • Plug the laser into PWM channel 2

The Nunchuck Adapter should be connected directly to the Feather ESP32-S2's STEMMA QT port.

A 5V Power adapter should be connected to the 2.1mm terminal adapter and is used to power the servos and the laser.

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