The TFT Gizmo will attach to either the CPB or CPX with enough room for the 350mAh battery to sandwich in between.

Prep the TFT Gizmo following these instructions by removing the twelve little Kapton tape dots on the end of each standoff.

Board Connection

Making sure to orient the Circuit Playground board with the USB jack pointed "north" and with the TFT Gizmo's 12 o'clock marking also pointed "north", place the battery between the boards as shown. You can use a small bit of blue tack or thin double sided tape to keep the battery from wiggling around.

Also make sure the battery is oriented so the JST cable can plug into the Circuit Playground battery connector.

Screw the 12 M3 screws into the standoffs to connect the boards both electrically and mechanically.


To charge the LiPoly battery, you'll need to unplug it from the Circuit Playground and into a LiPo charger.

Next, we'll put the code on the board -- for this project we'll use the CPB_Eye_Terminator.UF2 file or CPX_Eye_Terminator.UF2 file seen on the next page.

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