Get creative in attaching your light strip to your basket! 

I started by matching the halfway point of the lights with the front center tine on my basket and then wove the light strip between the tines.

The strip emits the most light from one of the short sides, which I wanted to point towards the ground. The two wider sides of the lights look a little bit different.

I looked at both options and chose to have the side with a little stripe pointing outwards.

(Optional) Attach the battery pack with velcro

Use hot glue to attach one side of a piece of velcro to the battery pack and the other to the basket.

I used a longer piece on the basket, wrapping it around the tines and securing it with hot glue. 


Use zip ties to secure the lights, cables, and battery pack if necessary. 

If the basket isn't already on your bike, attach it and enjoy!

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