First thing to do is trim the neopixel LED strip to match the length of the tie. The 20" breakaway tie can fit a length of 9 NeoPixels. If you're using a different tie, be sure to find the appropriate length before cutting.

Regular scissors can be dulled or damaged by cutting wire, so make sure you use a pair of wire cutters or scissors designed to cut metal, like these.

We'll be cutting the strip at two points indicated by dashed red lines in the image below.

Cut input wires

Cut the male pin connector (the one with 2 extra wires hanging to one side) from the strip. Cut close to the connector itself to provide extra length. This is the end of the strip that will connect to the Circuit Playground Bluefruit.

Use wire strippers to remove about 15mm of insulation from the end of each freshly cut wire.

Gently twist each bundle of wire strands to keep them from fraying.

Remove extra neopixels

Starting from the end you just cut, count out a length of 9 NeoPixels.

Cut the strip after the ninth neopixel, leaving as much of a tail as possible.

Don't strip or split the wires at this end.

When you're all done, the finished strip should look like the image above.

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