Assemble all components with needle and thread and a bit of wiring.

Position neopixel strip

Find the vertical center line of the tie and mark it using pins or tailor’s chalk.

Position the strip along the center line so that about an inch of wire hangs over the tie's tip.

Tuck the excess tail of the wire strip near the neck into the tie's knot.

Sew NeoPixels

Sew each NeoPixel in place by passing thread through the top layer of fabric and wrapping around one end of the NeoPixel capsule. Then do the same for the other end of the capsule.

To keep the strip aligned while you work, sew the top, bottom, and middle NeoPixels first.

Attach Circuit Playground Bluefruit

Mount bolts to the CPB's GND, VOUT, & A1 pads. Leave them a bit loose so you can easily thread wire around the screw later on.

Position the CPB at the bottom of the back of the tie so that the micro USB port tucks slightly under the tie's fold.

Sew the CPB in place by stitching the GND and 3.3V pads securely to the top layer of fabric.

Wiring Diagram

Below is a diagram showing all the electrical connections which need to be made. Click the image for a larger view.

Wire the NeoPixel Strip

The three wires from the NeoPixel strip connect to the following pads on the CPB:

  • Red wire -> VOUT
  • Middle wire -> A1
  • Remaining wire -> GND

Bend the wires over the bottom edge of the tie and secure the exposed wires to their respective pads by tightening the bolts with a small screwdriver.

Connect the Battery

Slide the lipo battery into the pocket while feeding its wire connector through the opening at the pockets end.

Connect the battery to the black JST port on the CPB.

Congrats - your new tie is powered up and ready to wear!

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