Step #2: Send an email when 25 beam breaks have been counted

  • Open your spreadsheet in a new tab
  • Label column A "Triggered" or whatever you'd like to show. It represents that the beam has been broken
  • Label column B "Time"
  • Label column E "testers counted"
  • And lastly, label column G "Collect testers?"
  • In column E, the second cell in the column is going to be used to count all the beam breaks in column A
  • Write in the formula =SUM(A2:A500) The range can vary as long or short as you'd like but should be at least a length of 26 or whatever threshold you pick.
  • In the second cell in column G, the formula is =IF(E2 > 25,1,0)
  • This means that if E2 (the sum of all testers), is greater than 25, change the value of the cell to 1, otherwise the value is 0. This will make more sense in the next section below.

Applet #2

Go back to the home page of IFTTT and create a new applet by clicking the create button again like before.

  • Click "Add" next to "If This"
  • Search for "sheets" and select the Google Sheets service.
  • Select the "Cell updated in spreadsheet" option.
  • Once again, detail the path where the spreadsheet is located in your Google Drive files.
  • Type G2 for the cell to monitor.
  • Click "create trigger"
  • Add a "Then That"
  • Search "email" and select the "Email" service
  • Select the available option "Send me an email"
  • Add the subject line and email body text you'd like to see when you receive the notification.
  • Click "create action"

Yay now it's all set up! Try triggering the sensor and watch the data flood into the spreadsheet.

There may be a bit of a lag of about a minute or so to see the data come into the spreadsheet.

How does it work?

The "collect testers?" cell monitors the sum of all testers (cell E2) and changes to 1 when that value goes above 25. When the "collect testers?" value changes, the email notification is sent.

  • When the tester count is greater than 25, set the "collect testers?" value to be 1
  • Otherwise set the "collect testers?" value to be 0.

Last but not least: to set up and configure the IR sensor where it will actually be handy.

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