The next step is to get your Funhouse set up in the Adafruit IO WipperSnapper page. Follow the instructions in the Quickstart guide to do this. 

  • From the WipperSnapper page, click "New Component"
  • Select "PIR Sensor"
  • Name the sensor
  • Choose A1 from the drop-down list.
  • choose the "On Change" option for the return interval. This means that the sensor will ping out data only when it is triggered.
  • Do not use the PIR sensor option as this does not work for the sensor used in this guide (which requires 5V).

Test the PIR Sensor

Next, test out the PIR sensor to verify it's working properly.

  • Move your hand in front of the sensor.
  • Check the WipperSnapper device page to see if the value changes from open (no movement detected) to closed (movement detected) for your sensor.
Do not worry about the "triggers" and "dashboard" displayed here for now
The sensor may need a minute or so to adjust and calibrate after being powered up.

Troubleshooting the Sensor

If you are not receiving accurate feedback from the sensor, verify the following:

  • The sensor is correctly wired according to the directions on the "Add the PIR Sensor" page
  • The sensor is connected to the A1 pin on the FunHouse via a Stemma connector.

This guide was first published on Nov 24, 2021. It was last updated on Nov 24, 2021.

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