Follow this bonus section to add a status light to your project. The purpose of the light is to see visually if the room is occupied without needing to check online on the dashboard page. 


  • First, cut two pieces of the solid core wire, preferably red-colored roughly 6" long.*
  • Next use some wire strippers to strip away the ends of the wire wrap to expose the wire. 

*You can swap out the solid core wire for male to male jumper cables if you wish.

  • Take the two wires and gently push them into the COM and NO ports of the stemma relay controller.
  • Next, connect one end of the stemma cable to the stemma connector end of the relay.
  • Connect both red alligator clips from the DC barrel plug and jack cables to the red wires from the relay.
  • Then, plug the light into the barrel plug and the 9V power source into the barrel jack.
  • Lastly, plug the other end of the stemma cable in the A2 port of the FunHouse. Make sure to keep the PIR sensor plugged into A1 (not shown)

Here are all the parts connected.

For more info on the Stemma relay and how it works, peep the below guide.

Add the Sensor to WipperSnapper and create the triggers

  • Navigate back to the WipperSnapper page for your FunHouse.
  • Click "create component".
  • Select "Relay".
  • Name the component and select A2 as the pin.

Creating the following triggers will turn the light on when movement is detected from the PIR sensor.

  • Create two new reactive triggers from the triggers page.
  • Trigger one: If Movement detected is equal to 0 publish a message to Occupancy Light Status to be 0
  • Trigger two: If Movement detected is equal to 1 publish a message to Occupancy Light Status to be 1

Test and Mount

Test out the light and relay. Plug in the 9V power for the relay. Make sure the PIR sensor is still connected to A1 of the FunHouse. Wave your hand in front of the sensor and verify that the light turns on when movement is sensed.

Once it's working properly, pick a spot for the light. This light has special mounting screws. You may want to have the light outside of the room or at least facing away from the room so it does not distract those inside of the room.

If you made it this far, congrats. You have built the project in its entirety including the bonus section! Take some pride in knowing if your desired room is occupied without leaving your seat :D

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This page (BONUS: Status Light) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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