The wiring for this project is very simple. With your ESP32 Feather connected to WipperSnapper, unplug it from your computer's USB port and solder one wire from the door switch to pin #27 and the other wire to the GND pin. This reed switch isn't polar, so you can hook either wire up to either pin.

I shortened the wires before attaching them. This isn't necessary, but I found it looked better.

Now that you've connected them, clip the ends of the pins off from the bottom of the board. This will help your board sit more flush against the doorframe or wall.

Now, put some UGlu dashes where you want to mount the sensor. I found that putting two on the side that has the wires and one to two on the other side, and then another 2 under the Huzzah32 worked best. 

After attaching the adhesive, stick the three parts to the door. I've found it works better if you put pressure on it for a good 15 or 20 seconds after initially putting it on the door or door frame. Make sure that the two sides of the sensor are close when the door is closed or the sensor will think it's always open.

Then, plug your power supply into the wall and into your Huzzah32.

Now, head back to the device page for your Huzzah32 and make sure that the device status says Online.

This guide was first published on Oct 01, 2021. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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