Adafruit IO Trigger Setup

Now, you can set up Adafruit IO to send you an email when the door is opened.

This optional step requires an active Adafruit IO Plus account. If you do not have one, visit to power-up your Adafruit IO Free account to Adafruit IO Plus!

First, click the Create Trigger button.

Then, from the triggers page, click + New Trigger.

Select Reactive Trigger.

Click on the Select Trigger Feed dropdown and select the feed for the reed switch. It will be slightly indented and should be directly under the name of your device.

Next to Is, select equal to.

In the comparison value text box, put 1.

Next to Then, select email me (IO+ only).

In the final box, select the name of your component, and press create. 

Now, when you open the door, you should get an email within a second or two like the one in this screenshot.

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This page (Set up Email on Opening) was last updated on Oct 09, 2021.

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