Assuming you have already gone through the WipperSnapper Setup page and connected your board to WipperSnapper, navigate to the WipperSnapper board list.

On this page, select the WipperSnapper board you just connected.

  • If you do not see your board listed - go back to the WipperSnapper Setup Page and make sure it registers with

On the device page, quickly check that your device is online and is running the latest version of the WipperSnapper firmware.

The device tile on the left indicates the version number of the firmware running on the connected board.

Click the New Component button or the + button to bring up the component picker.

Under I2C Components, select the LC709203F.

On the component configuration page, the LC709203F's sensor address should be listed along with the sensor's settings.

The Send Every option is specific to each measurement. This option will tell the Feather how often it should read from each of the LC709203F's two measurements and send the data to Adafruit IO. Measurements can range from every 30 seconds to every 24 hours.

For this example, set the Send Every interval for each sensor to every 30 seconds.

Your device interface should now show the sensor components you created. After the interval you configured elapses, WipperSnapper will automatically read values from the sensor(s) and send them to Adafruit IO.

To view the data that has been logged from the sensor, click on the graph next to the sensor name.

Here you can see the feed history and edit things about the feed such as the name, privacy, webhooks associated with the feed and more. If you want to learn more about how feeds work, check out this page.

The LC709203F has two measurements that each have their own feeds. In this picture, we're looking at the battery cell percent reading, but if you click on the graph icon for the other measurement you'll see its feed history.

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