Time to install and use your course timer! Install the panels by screwing the top holes in each digit panel back plane to a length of wood to mount on the wall.

The controller box needs to be mounted below or behind the digits in order to be plugged in to the panels, as well as to AC power.

Before you power up the system, plug in each panel's connector cable to its corresponding connector on the controller box. Then, plug in the three Ethernet cables for the buttons, and the car horn wiring to the car horn.

Now, when you plug in the main AC power line (you can use a power strip as an on/off button if you like), the system will boot up after a couple of seconds and display all zeros in blue -- this indicates that you're ready to start timing a new run or event.

Press either start button (course or desk box) and the digits flash green and the horn beeps three times as a countdown. On the fourth blast of the horn, the timer starts.

Now, you can either pause and restart from the yellow desk box button, or stop the run from the course or desk box. The horn will blast and the final time will display in red. All buttons other than the blue reset button on the desk box are disabled.

Reset the box with the blue desk reset to start your next run!

Here's the Ninja Timer in action at the Train Yard 317 gym during the UNAA competition.

You can find all sorts of uses for a huge timer, or write some new code and add a real-time clock unit and use it as an alarm clock instead!

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