Aluminum Extrusion Stand

Get the 2020 extrusion ready because we're going to install it onto the stand. The stand is designed to press fit onto the end of the extrusion – It features geometry that slides into the t-slot of the profile.

Install Stand

Insert the extrusion into the stand by press fitting through the center. You can slide an oval t-nut through one of the t-slots, insert through the bottom. These oval t-nuts are designed to fit the extrusion. Push in until screw hole matches mounting hole on the stand. Insert and fasten an M4 screw – The screw thread needs to catch the t-nut, so make adjustments as necessary. Fasten the screw tightly to secure the extrusion to the stand. The t-nut won't be visible once installed.




Install Speaker Button Assembly

Grab the assembly and get it ready to fit onto the stand. The mounting holes on the stand might appear randomly placed, so reference the photo for correct placement. Place the standoffs over the stand and line up the mounting holes. Flip the assembly over and drive M3 flat head machine screws through the bottom of the stand to secure the standoffs on the speaker assembly.




Install Tripler Assembly

Get the tripler ready to install. Place it over the stand and line up the standoffs with the mounting holes. Flip assembly over and drive 3x M3 flat head machine through the bottom of the stand. Hold speaker button assembly in place while fastening screws.




Install Servo Assembly

Grab the servo and place it on top of the stand. Orient the servo assembly so the drive shaft is positioned in-line with the t-slot. The mounting holes should line up with the standoffs on the servo assembly. With the assembly positioned, flip it over and drive the screws to secure in place.




Secure Servo Brace

Remember the extra brace we added to the servo mount? Line it up with the remaining mounting hole on the stand. Then, drive an M3 flat head screw through the bottom of stand so it goes through the tab on the end of the brace. To secure the brace to the stand, add a nylon lock nut and tighten.

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