Speaker Button Parts

Gather the speaker, button, mounting plate and hardware needed. The speaker will need a pico blade cable soldered to it. The pushbutton uses a JST PH 2-pin cable set. 

  • 3x M3 x 12mm standoffs
  • 3x M3 x 5mm flat head machine screws

Install Standoffs

Start by fastening flat head screws into the three holes on the mounting plate. Insert and twist to fasten the standoffs onto the threads of the three screws.




Install Speaker & Button

Remove the washer ring and hex nut from the button. Press fit the button into the 16mm hole on the mounting plate. Insert and fasten the washer and hex nut back onto the button to secure onto the mounting plate. The speaker is press fitted into the 40mm diameter hole – a square slit cutout allows the contact leads and wiring to pass through.





Assembled Speaker Button Plate

And now we have our subassembly for the speaker and button, yay!

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