Servo Parts & Hardware

Gather the servo mounting parts and hardware.

  • 2x M3 x 16mm button head screws
  • 2x M3 lock nuts
  • 3x M3 x 5mm button head screws
  • 3x M3 x 10mm standoffs

Install Mounting Tabs

Two additional tabs are used as spacers for securing the servo to the mounting bracket. Press them onto each tab and fasten screws to secure them in place – Reference photo for best placement. Grab the servo brace and place it under the mounting hole. Insert and fasten an M3 screw to secure the brace to the servo mounting bracket.




Secure Servo

Fit the body of the servo onto the mounting bracket so the tabs and holes are aligned and matching – Reference the photo for best placement. Insert and fasten nylon lock nuts to the two 16mm long M3 screws.



Install Bracket Standoffs

Insert and install the remaining 2x M3 screws into the tabs on the sides of the servo bracket. Insert and twist to fasten the M3 x 10mm standoffs to secure them to the bottom of the servo bracket.



Servo Assembly

We now have the servo assembly, nice! Remember that little extra brace? We'll need to adjust it a bit once we install it onto the stand, so don't over tighten it.

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