Roller Hardware & Parts

Gather the parts and hardware for assembling the roller. We'll need the following hardware:

  • 2x precision ball bearings
  • 6x M3 x 6mm button head metric screws

Install Bearing Pegs

The precision ball bearings are affixed to these cylindrical pegs. The pegs will need to be secured to the roller plate using machine screws. Place the peg over the roller plate and line up the mounting holes. Whole holding peg in place, insert and fasten machine screws to secure. Repeat process for second peg. The parts are symmetrical so orientation can be in either direction.



Install Plate to Frame

Now we need to secure the roller plate to the dome frame. Place the roller plate over the frame and line up the four mounting holes. Mounting holes are symmetrical and parts can be flipped over if needed. While holding parts together, insert and fasten M3 x 6mm button head machine screws. 




Ball Bearing Wheels

Grab the two precision ball bearings and press fit them into the roller wheels. The tolerances should be tight and snug fit. Insert the wheeled bearings onto the two pegs of the roller plate.




Install Pixel Core

The pixel core is to be secured onto the roller plate. This cylinder goes over the roller wheels. Place it over the assembly and line up the tabs with the mounting holes on the plate. Insert and fasten 2x M3 x 6mm button head machine screws.




Test Rollers

Now is a great time to test out the rollers with the 2020 t-slotted aluminum extrusion. Insert the roller assembly through the aluminum extrusion with the roller wheels inserting through the t-slots. These should roll freely along the railing.



Make A Second Roller Assembly

We'll need a second roller assembly to complete the build. The 2nd roller is exactly the same as the first one – The assembly is mostly composed of symmetrical parts so you just need to 3D print out the exact same parts, just twice. You will also need a second pair of hardware.

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