DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! Waterproofing electronics is not the intended purpose of NeverWet, and Adafruit is not affiliated with Rustoleum. Please follow all proper safety precautions and manufacturers guidelines when using any product.
Underwater FLORA!
This FLORA LED brooch coated with NeverWet lasted about four hours in this container of NYC tap water. We did not submerge the battery.
This Arduino Micro was powered by a nearby laptop's USB port.
The "Wet Raspberry," as we're calling it, booted ok the first time, then it lost connection to the SD card.
Our Citi Bike Helmet project fared pretty well when tested with a garden hose-- thanks Phil for being such a good sport!
The coating poses an issue for charging the battery, as disconnecting it "breaks the seal." Its UV sensitivity means we'd have to reapply the coating frequently. The white chalky appearance and powdery feel might not work for all applications or uses, however overall we had fun experimenting!

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