DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! Waterproofing electronics is not the intended purpose of NeverWet, and Adafruit is not affiliated with Rustoleum. We're professionals who followed proper safety precautions when conducting the following experiments.
First we connected USB and other cables to our circuits, so the connections would be sealed. Painter's tape comes in handy for covering areas that don't need coating.

NeverWet is a two-step spray and is a respiratory and skin hazard, and it's flamable. We prepped our well-ventilated outdoor area for overspray, set up a fan pointing away from the body, and put on gloves.
Following the manufacturer's instructions, we sprayed on multiple layers of base coat, letting it dry between coats.
We followed up with several layers of top coat in the same manner. We noticed a white chalky appearance to the top coat. When it was completely dry, we noticed some of the white chalky powder would come off on our hands, so we continued handling the circuits with gloves.

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