Unless you need/want to recompile the source code, we recommend just quick-starting by installing the following UF2s onto your Arcada board.

QSPI Filesystem

These UF2s default to using QSPI storage. So you must have a CircuitPython/FAT filesystem already in place. This is created by CircuitPython when its first installed, if you've never loaded CircuitPython, check this page for the UF2s. Install the matching one, check to verify a CIRCUITPY drive appears on your computer and then you can re-load Arcada_Nofrendo

Arcada Nofrendo UF2s

Doubleclick Reset to put your board into BOOT mode, and drag these UF2 files over!


Installing ROMs

Adding ROMs is really easy. Once you've installed the UF2s above, your board will show up as a CIRCUITPY drive on your computer. This is the QSPI internal storage which is 2MB or 8MB. If you've run CircuitPython, or our Arduboy/Gamebuino demos, you may even have some files on there already.

Make a new folder called nes

And inside of that folder, place all your nes files. You can create subfolders if you like.

Right-click on CIRCUITPY and Eject the drive (or drag to Trash can if its a Mac) to make sure your files were saved.

Starting ROMs

Press Reset to reload nofrendo. You'll see the selection menu:

You can use the joystick/D-pad to move up and down to scroll through the list of games.


If you hit the B button it will go up a folder level.


If you hit the A button on a game it will launch the game. If a folder is selected it will navigate into that folder.

Unless you recompiled to load ROMs into the SAMD51 chip's RAM, it will now load the game into the FLASH memory. This is sorta like the bootloader but it starts at the end of memory.


As it loads, if the FLASH already contains the data, it won't erase/re-write so the game will load much faster the second time. If the game won't fit, you'll get an error

That's it! Your game will be loaded and ready to play

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