NeoTrellis Tray Installation

Get the tray for the NeoTrellis PCB and the 4x M3 x 6mm flat head screws.

Installing NeoTrellis

Insert the NeoTrellis PCB through the bottom of the tray. The PCB should fit through at an angle.

Press Fit PCB

Orient the PCB so the edges line up with the tray. Press the PCB into the tray.

Installed PCB

The PCB should have a tight fit inside the tray. The PCB can be repositioned to your desired orientation. Reference the labels on the NeoTrellis PCB for desired placement.

NeoTrellis PCB Tray Installed

The PCB should be flush with the tray. If the PCB doesn't fit, you can sand away the mouse bite marks from the edges. PCBs normally have these left over from the depanelization process. Use a power rotary tool, sandpaper or filing tool. Be sure to wear a proper breathing mask when sanding FR-4 PCBs in a well ventilated area.

Install Reset Button

Place the metal ball tactile button over the square plank on the tray. Reference the photo for best placement.

Installed Reset Button

The metal ball tactile buttob rests over the plank. Once the top cover is fitted over, it should stay in place. The leads on the button should grip onto the sides of the blank. Take caution if bending the leads – you don't want to snap them off!

Insert Tray

With the NeoTrellis PCB and metal ball tactile button installed, begin to install it into the case. Reference the photo for best placement. While holding the tray and case together, flip the build over and adjust the wiring so they're inside the case and none of the wires or components are being pinched or kinking. 

Installing Tray

Press the tray into the case and line up the mounting holes with the standoffs. Double check the placement of the tray.

Secure Tray

Begin to insert and fasten the 4x M3 x 6mm flat head screws into the mounting tabs of the tray.

Installed Tray

Double check the hardware is tightly fastened.

This guide was first published on Jul 16, 2019. It was last updated on Nov 30, 2023.

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