Cables for RGB LED Pushbutton

The RGB LED pushbutton requires a total of six wired connections. To make the assembly easier, use a 4-pin and 2-pin JST cable set. These allow the component to be easily connected. The cables are a bit long for this project, so cut them so they're about 7cm(3in) in length.

Tinning 4-pin cable

To make wiring a bit easier, it's a good idea to tin the strands of wire to prevent them from fraying. Use wire stripper to remove a bit of insulation from each wire. A third helping hand tool and help keep the whiles steady while soldering. With the wires exposed, add a bit of solder to tin them. Repeat for the accompanying 4-pin JST cable set.

Tinning 2-pin cable

Proceed to tin the 2-pin JST cables.

Tinned Wires

Here are the two cables, tinned and ready to wire. Pieces of heat shrink tubing and help keep the wires together. Take a moment to check the tinned wires and length of the cables. If they're too long, it may not fit inside the enclosure. Obversely, too short and they won't reach the components. 

Connecting to Button

The RGB LED pushbutton will need a single 4-pin and 2-pin JST cable. The accompanying cables will connect to the Prop-Maker FeatherWing. Pick either the female or male connectors to attach to the RGB LED button.

Soldering Wire to Buttons

Before soldering, take a moment to plan which wires to connect the leads. The bottom of the button has the following labels.

  • C+ (common anode)
  • R (red LED)
  • G (green LED)
  • B (blue LED)

Here's how I connected them.

  • C+ to black wire
  • R to red wire
  • G to green wire
  • B to white wire

Wired Button

Proceed to solder the 2-pin JST cable to the two unlabeled leads on the push button. These leads are for the button switch, not the RGB LED. Polarity does not matter for switches, so the colored wires can go either way.

Take a moment to inspect the soldered connections. Spacing is a bit tight so you'll need to be precise.

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