NeoTrellis Cable

Grab the left over 10-wire ribbon cable that was used for the reset button. Peel off a 5-wire bundle from the cable. The length of the wire should be 6cm (2in).

NeoTrellis Wire Tinning

Peel apart the ends of each wire. Using wire stripper, remove a bit of insulation from each wire. Use third helping hands to hold the cable in place. Add a bit of solder to the strands of wire to tin them.

NeoTrellis Wiring

Secure the NeoTrellis PCB to a panavise or PCB stickvise. Reference the photo for the correct set of pads. Add a bit of solder to that set of pads. Note the orientation of the wires – This will make the assembly much more clean and tidy. Carefully attach each wire to each pads by heating up the solder. 

Wired NeoTrellis

Double check the wires and pads are properly soldered.

Check Point

At this time, gather the wired components. The NeoTrellis, RGB LED button, reset button, and toggle switch will connected to the Prop-Maker FeatherWing via the accompanying JST connectors. Note. The reset button will be wired directly to the FeatherWing.

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