This build is based on John Park's Remote Effects Trigger box. The only difference is that we'll be using a NeoTrellis inside, instead of a Trellis. This will give us the option to have multi-colored buttons that react when we press them. 

90% of the build is exactly the same. Head over to John Park's guide for more detailed explanations on building the box: Build the Transmitter, 3d printing, and Assembly.

Look at the breadboard diagram to see the connections that will be made. John Park's guide goes into a lot of great detail.  The connections from the NeoTrellis to the Feather are SDA, SCL, GND, VIN, and INT. 

This guide was first published on Jan 30, 2019. It was last updated on May 20, 2024.

This page (Controller Wiring & Build) was last updated on Mar 26, 2024.

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