Download the Live Launcher device for Ableton Live by clicking the button below:

Unzip the downloaded file and store the resulting Neotrellis_M4.amxd file somewhere safe.

Open a Live set

In Ableton Live, create a new Live set and add some audio and/or MIDI clips to the first four slots of tracks 1-8 in Session view - or use an existing set that has a variety of clips loaded into Session view.

Add the Live Launcher

Locate the Neotrellis_M4.amxd file in the folder you saved it, drag it into the Live window, and drop it onto any track - just be sure to only add one instance of the plugin device.

Connect Live to NeoTrellis

Ensure your NeoTrellis is connected to your computer via USB and click the rescan button in the NeoTrellis M4 Live device to update the list of available serial devices.

Click the serial port pulldown menu to see a list of available serial devices, and choose the serial port that corresponds to your NeoTrellis M4.

As seen above, my NeoTrellis appeared as usbmodemMID1. If your NeoTrellis does not appear, click the rescan button and trying again.

Click the sync_colors button to send clip color data over to your NeoTrellis. Once you see your NeoTrellis light up with colors corresponding to tracks 1 - 8 in Live, you're ready to roll.

This guide was first published on Dec 27, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 27, 2023.

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