The soundboard.txt Customization File

This file should be placed in the root directory of the CIRCUITPY flash drive that appears when you plug your NeoTrellis into your computer via a USB cable. The file defines what sounds are available: which button on the NeoTrellis is used and the chosen color of that button.

Each line is made up of a filename and a color, separated by a comma. Color names correspond to those in the file.  Alternatively, you can use a hex color constant, e.g. 0x00FFFF, or a color tuple, e.g. (128, 255, 0). Notice the three ways to specify the color blue at the bottom of the example file below. Blank lines and comments (lines starting with # are ignored. Spaces around the separating commas are also ignored. If a button has no sound associated with it, it's line is simply pass.

Below is an example soundboard.txt file. The corresponding wav files are in the samples directory when you unzip the project download (see next page).

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Getting Sounds

There are many places online to get free to use sounds for Tabletop RPG gaming.

Tabletop Audio has some incredibly well done sounds.  The background sound files are 10 minutes long and all files are very high quality so they will have to be edited/converted to fit in the NeoTrellis M4's flash. If you use their sounds, consider throwing some support their way on Patreon or their own donate link.

Freesound is another source of free to use audio for various purposes. These are generally uploaded by community members and have varying quality.

Regardless where you get your sounds, they will likely have to be converted to work/fit on the NeoTrellis M4. See the guide on sound file conversion.

No Mixing & Matching Mono and Stereo Files, Please

Make sure your audio files are exported as 16-bit PCM WAV at 22,050 Hz or lower and they are all Stereo or all Mono -no mix and match!

Double Check: File Locations

Create a subdirectory on your CIRCUITPY flash drive named samples, and place all your WAV files in that directory. Your and soundboard.txt files will go in the main directory.

Key image of the dragon mini is from Browne

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