Wiring Toggle Switch

The toggle switch needs a single set of JST connections. These can be the same wire lengths as before (74mm / 2.9in).

Toggle Switch Connections

We'll need a set of JST cables to connect it to the Adafruit Feather. Following the same process as before, create a new pair of JST wires.

Toggle Switch

The switch features three pins – only need two of them. The middle pin and either the far left or right pins. Apply a bit of solder to the pins to make attaching the wires easier. A panavise jr can hold the switch in place while soldering.

Wired Toggle Switch

Inspect your connections to ensure the solder joints are solid. The switch will be on the ON state when it's toggled to the middle and outer pins. OFF state (current photo) is active when the two pins are not tied.

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