Ribbon Cable

The NeoTrellis requires a total of five connections. To help tell the connections apart, colored jumper wires were used. A set will contain 40 wires, 5 pieces of the ten rainbow colors. Peeled off a set of five connection. Cut the set down so it's 128mm (5in) in length.

Tinning Wires

Using wire strippers, remove a bit of insulation from the tips of each wire – You may need to peel the ends apart.  Both ends of the wires will need to be tinned with a bit of solder to prevent the strands of wire from fraying. Third helping hands can assist while soldering.

Colored Connections

Take a moment to map the colors to the pins on the Adafruit NeoTrellis PCB. Common colors are red for voltage, black for ground but feel free pick your own colors. 

Tinning Pads

The Adafruit NeoTrellis features sets of pads on each side of the PCB. We'll use the five pads to the left of the text label, "Adafruit NeoTrellis". Apply a bit of solder to the five pads – This will make soldering the wires to the pads easier. 

Solder Wired Connections

The wires are soldered to the pads in particular orientation. This allows the PCB to be secured into a 3D printed tray – Wires soldered outside the PCB will not fit! Attach the wires to the five pads by soldering them in place. A pair of tweezers can assist in holding wires with fine control.

Wired NeoTrellis

Inspect your solder joints to ensure they're solid. Double check the correct set of pads are used. 

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