Feather JST Connections

The remaining JST connections will need to be soldered to the Adafruit Feather. There's three connections in this project: push button, LED, and toggle switch. The connection for the LED will need have the correct polarity.

LED Connection

Starting with the LED, the JST cable will connect to the 3V and GND pins on the Adafruit Feather – The ground and voltage strips are used for simplicity. Connect the JST cable from the LED to ensure the polarity is correct. Apply a bit of solder to the pins on the Feather to make attaching the wire easier.

Button Connection

Pins #6 and ground on the Feather will be used for the button connection. Polarity does not matter for this connection. If you want to use a different pin, the software will need to be changed to reflect that.

Enable Connection

The JST cable for the toggle switch will need to be wired to the EN and ground pins on the Adafruit Feather. Polarity does not matter for this connection.

NeoTrellis Connection

In preparation of connecting the NeoTrellis PCB to the Adafruit Feather, get familiar with the five connections: INT, VIN, GND, SCL and SDA.

Solder NeoTrellis Wires

Panavise Jr can help assist while soldering connections from the NeoTrellis to the Feather. Follow these connections.

  • INT to Pin #5 on Feather
  • VIN to 3V on Feather
  • GND to GND on Feather
  • SCL to SCL on Feather
  • SDA to SDA on Feather

Wired NeoTrellis and Feather

Take a moment to review your work. Make sure the connections from the NeoTrellis to the Feather are solid.

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