Button Wiring Preparation

JST-PH2 connections are used to make assembly more efficient. If using an LED push button, we will need two separate connections – Voltage and ground for the LED, and common and normally open for the button. For the wires, we're using 28AWG silicone cover stranded wire. For making the male/female connectors, we used a JST-PH2 kit

Button JST Connections

Two sets of JST cables are used to connect the LED push button to the Adafruit Feather. Use the same process from previous page to create these connections.  

Wire LED

If you decide to go with the LED metal push button, start with wiring the voltage and ground terminals. These are labeled (+ and – symbols) on the outside of the button. You can decide which JST connector, male or female, to use. Tinning the terminals with a bit of solder will help attach the wires.

Wire Button

The metal push button has three available connections: COM (ground), NO1 (normally open) and NC1 (normally closed). In this project, we'll use the COM and NO1 pins (leaving the NC1 pin unused). Polarity does not matter for this connection.

Wired Button

Inspect the wires and ensure the correct connections are made. For extra protection, use heat shrink tubing to insulate the exposed contacts. With the button wired up, we can proceed to the next steps.

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